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Employment Status

Owner/director, self-employed consultant, partner to casual worker all require different treatment and contractual documentation and this impacts on the tax position both personally and for the business. Broomhead Commercial advise on the range of options to give you the most efficient workplace structure.

Contracts and Policies

Full-time, part-time, zero-hours, flexi-hours, casual, self-employed, worker; There are many different forms a contract can take. Add to this the legal requirement to provide a statement of employment within two months of the working relationship and it is essential to get the contract right in the first place.

The contract gives you the opportunity to govern the working relationship, set parameters and protect the business when the employee leaves. Policies also fine tune the day to day work-ing environment from making sure employees treat each other with respect to making sure they use social media appropriately in the workplace.

Disputes and Litigation

However well run the organisation, there can be disputes. Often these can be resolved using a workable disciplinary and grievance procedure, When a problem escalates, a practical and effective solution needs to be found. This may include mediation or tribunal proceedings. With some 30 years of litigation experience, the employment team at Broomhead Commercial will guide you through the process.

Redundancy and Dismissal

On occasion there may be no option but to terminate contracts of employment. Occasionally this may be unavoidable because of economic pressures, otherwise the employees them-selves may precipitate the action. Whatever the cause, such actions need to dealt with pro-fessionally and robustly to avoid any unwanted consequences. When staff leave, for whatev-er reason, there may be an opportunity for them to create difficulties at a later date or you may wish to firm up on their post termination responsibilities. Settlement agreements allow a whole range of options and give you the peace of mind and protection against future claims.

As a consequence of growing a business the Transfer of Undertakings Regulations will affect most takeovers of trading businesses. The rules surrounding this legislation are complex and the consequences of getting them wrong far reaching. Managing both outgoing and incoming staff needs to be orderly and handled correctly.

Maternity, Discrimination, Equal Opportunities

This is an area where procedure is paramount. Get it wrong and difficulties may present themselves, embrace the system and the whole process becomes clear. Broomhead Commercial lawyers are here to help protect the interests of you and your business.


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